RSPR (pronounced res·pir – Latin for breathe) is a brand with fashion in its bones and sustainability in its heart. What started off as a couple of hundred reusable antimicrobial masks just for family and friends quickly turned into special deliveries for members of the Qatar royal family, and eventually into stores like InQ, Harvey Nichols Doha, Galeries Lafayette Doha, and worldwide via online. Now, the brand has expanded into a sporty collection that includes hoodies, sweats and leggings.

The dedication in formulating this collection was showcased through the six months it took to choose the right breathable elements. The result? A collection made from recycled plastic bottles to produce sweat-eliminating garments that also provide antimicrobial protection in killing odors and bacteria while allowing fabrics to last longer – meaning less waste. 

With 10 styles and over 40 pieces within the collection, RSPR is designed for both genders and its design aesthetic ensures that the pieces can be worn as workout gear, at casual or social occasions and even paired with formal accessories for a more dressed-up look.  

Founder and creator Rina Saleh is a mother and an all-round powerhouse, starting the business with the intention to provide a safer, more eco-friendly and comfortable face mask solution for her loved ones. Her passion has now evolved into an innovative athleisure brand with sustainability at the very heart of its design prowess.